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    amit_trehan wrote:
    littleguru wrote:
    So you have a work to do and you give it to other (unpayed) people to do it for you? Nice way to get stuff done

    Should we then implement the ASP.NET application for you too?

    Before coming to this forum, I had collected ample information. I just wanted to validate the info or get some new points.

    And about implementation, people do that too. People who doesn't want to share information this is not the place for them.

    well, maybe littleguru comments was a bit harsh. but, judging from how you asked the question, people can be easily misunderstood you. but then again, not everyone is native english speaker... so please don't take it too personally

    about your question, though. it requires a very broad answer. it may require some MS evangelists to describe the full answer. and your question does implied you want the whole answer. so, nobody really cares to reply it. i cant even think where to begin with... its just so many.

    if you have collected ample informations, then i believe you do know what the advantages of ASP.Net. rather than asking a vague question like that, why don't you asked some points that is maybe still not clear to you. for instance, performance rate or something specific. if you're looking for new points, tell us what you've gotten and what specific things that you wanted to know more about. then maybe someone can help you.