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View Thread: Methods of protecting .net exe's from decompilation?
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    CodeGuru123 wrote:

    I take it your just trying to help.

    I'm not asking for assistance as to if I need .net protection, I know I do. I'm asking what options others use.

    The industry I am in is very competative. There have been src leaks and startups from reversing.. its real tough.

    We use .net as its real easy to develop GUI based applications, much quicker than it is in C or using other dev tools.

    I look forward to when a main stream vendor releases a product in .net, should be very interesting.

    like say Norton Ghost ??  I have a copy that has a bunch of .net .exe and .dll files in it.  it's a version I paid for a while back...
    there are others out there, you just have to check the installs for .config and .manifest files.

    that aside I am asking questions to better understand the problem you want to solve.
    for example a leak of source code will in no way be fixed by any runtime protection so that comment leaves me wondering what the problem is? 

    and your statements like "The industry I am in is very competative. "
    do not help me understand the nature of the problem.

    thus back to my questions I turn.....

    and to my points from before:  if someone wants to crack/decompile/ reverse enginer some app they can and they will.

    the *ONLY* sure way to stop that is never release anything.
    short of that it's all a game of shall we say "Hide and seek" that is we play.

    there is a saying:

    you can have it fast
    you can have it cheap
    you can have it high quality

    pick any two you want, but you can't have all three.

    the third one will be the rub.

    fast + HQ means it will cost more
    fast  + cheap means it will have less HQ
    and so on....

    this tends to be very true....

    I have personally dealt with folks who spent so much time and effort  on a possible deal that they killed it by failing to get it "out the door"

    and I have seen folks worry about copy-protection when they were selling 10 copies a month to folks who did good to run the app, much less hack it.

    I am *NOT* saying that is you.  just telling you things I have seen.
    if your thing is so secret you will not share more info on why it needs protectioin and from who then it's imposible for us to really help you.