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View Thread: Methods of protecting .net exe's from decompilation?
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    CodeGuru123 wrote:

    I'm not looking for obfuscators.. I use commercial dotfuscator and it seems to do the job that all dotfuscators do..

    However, what other options are there from preventing our .net exe's being reversed?

    I know of solutions like:

    But are there any others?

    I know some say to put your protected IP into native .dll's and invoke them, however if your calling .net exe is still reversable, the methods of accessing/using that .dll are still visible.


    first thing I always ask is why?
    then what is the risk?
    what is the benefit?
    what is the cost?
    what is the audience (users, who, sales market)?

    most of the time the users are not going to mess with the code and the cost far outweighs the benefit.

    if the users are tech-savy hacker types then the same thing happens as a determined cracker will break any protection if they are willing to spend the time and effort.