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Subscribing to an RSS feed on the local network

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    I have an application that I occasionally want to notify me when some things happen. I figured I'd use RSS, since I check my feeds regularly. However, I can't seem to figure out how to subscribe to it. If I open the XML file in IE, it simply shows me the XML, not the RSS reader. Does the file need to be served via http for IE to pick it up or something?

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    Maybe you could trick IE with some clever host-file manipulation?

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    I've opened the C9 RSS feed in IE7 ( and I got a page with a link to subscribe to the feed in IE7's RSS reader. The document was served with Content-type text/xml and the same worked with another dynamically generated feed, too.

    Saving the xml file locally and opening it in IE7 did not display the special feed page.

    So I guess, it only works if the RSS xml file is opened via http (and not locally or from a network drive) and the Content-type header must be set to text/xml to show up the feed subscribe page.

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    Thanks for the info, guys. If I can't do anything through the host file, I guess I'm stuck using a web server. I'll see if I can get the WHS to serve the feed via http.

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