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View Thread: VS 2008 Start Options Bug
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    In a VS C# 2008 project, I've found a problem with piping console output to a file.

    For example, in the project settings, debug tab, start options, and command line arguments:

    If I try to pipe to a file like this:

    ExamineSTPErrorLogs > report.txt

    which is something that worked in VS 2005, the "> report.txt" is showing as a parameter to the console application.

    But the expected behavior is that this should be piped to a file.

    If I would have used:

    ExamineSTPErrorLogs ">" report.txt

    I would expect ">" and "report" to be used as command line parameters.

    Is there some kind of hack so this can be made to work correctly?

    Otherwise I'll have to downgrade. Upmh!