W3bbo wrote:

RichardRudek wrote:
 and that the 40GB still works on the laptop.
I just went:

Take source drive out of laptop > Hook it and the destination to the controller card > Boot up > Ghost > Advanced > Clone > Source disk / Destination disk > Continue > Reboot > Unattended clone operation > Shut down > Disconnect drives > Put back into laptop > Fail

Note I've highlighted part of my previous question which you forgot to answer.

I can't see anything obviously wrong, though I don't use the clone feature, so don't actually know what it does.

When I do a replacement, I first backup to an image file on my server (over the LAN), replace the disk, then disk image back from the image file on my server. I have a specially hacked up boot CD for this.

That way I have a backup of their hard disk before I touched the hardware in any major kind of way, and I can choose to grow the original disk partition on the new, larger disk. It's slower, but safer (IMHO), and I have a backup.

Now if cloning does grow the partition as well, then I wonder whether it's gone and done something stupid like moving the bootstrap files (or part-thereof) beyond the 8GB zone (~7.8 GB actually).

Actually, can you confirm what partition entry the original partition (40GB) was using, and what the new one (120GB) uses - there are four of them within the MBR/Partition table, starting at offset 0x01BE (446).

That is:
    Partition 1 - offset 0x01BE (446)
    Partition 2 - offset 0x01CE (462)
    Partition 3 - offset 0x01DE (478)
    Partition 4 - offset 0x01EE (494)