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    jellylychee wrote:
    When I plug it in the ps/2 port, the  barcode scanner works. The barcode scanner is recognized by my computer. When the barcode scanner reads barcodes, I can see the output in my computer. I did this in my desktop.

    Yes, I already understood this.
    jellylychee wrote:
    The problem is, I want to work on my laptop. I have to because the rest of my family uses the desktop and I always do my work (programming) in school. But my laptop does not have a ps/2 port. So what I did was purchase a ps/2 usb converter adapter.

    Yes, and I understood this as well.

    jellylychee wrote:
    When I connect the barcode scanner to the converter adapter, and I connect the converter adapter to the USB port, that is where the problem begins. "USB Device Not Recognized". The converter adapter is working fine if I connect my ps/2 mouse and keyboard but it does not work when I connect the barcode scanner.

    So to summarize, it works in the ps/2 port. But it does not work thru the use of the converter adapter.

    Ah, some details...

    Did you see see my closing comment - I'll requote it (strike 2):

    jellylychee wrote:
    RichardRudek wrote:
    Also, have you tried plugging in the desktop's keyboard along with the barcode scanner, like you would (I assume) with your dekstop ?

    Why would that make any difference ?

    Because the barcode scanner device is probably looking for the clock signal from the keyboard, so it knows how to set itself up, and be able to inject appropriately into the keyboard's data stream. From memory there were/are at least two keyboard clock speeds 6 and 8 MHz. Though I'd have to look that up, to be sure.

    Have to go, I'll check back later this afternoon, or tonight..