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The scanner has a

6pin male and female connector.

It did not come with a driver. I just borrowed it from my school for my thesis. They do not have a USB scanner sad to say.


starting to think this is a PS/2 keyboard wedge eh?

perhaps the OP has a PS/2 = USB adapter ??

Yes, I'd surprised if it was primarily an RS232 device: [Barcode scanners]

Most of the ones I've seen are the keyboard-injection type devices, because that's the simplest way of doing it - no drivers necessary.

Now the wikipedia article does mention that a few of these devices do have RS232 interfaces. But the device still needs to get it power from somewhere.

The PS/2 interface has a 5 Volt supply, so that's the most probable source. But older, RS232-only devices typically scavenged their power from the RS232 interface itself.

But, those devices may not be able to derive enough power from a 'non-strict' RS232 interface - RS232 is suppose to be +/- 12 Volt signaling. But a lot of 'adapters' have 'customised' this standard, using much lower voltages, or not even using negative voltages.