figuerres wrote:

some devices just do not work via the USB converters.

I have seen paralel printers for Point of Sale apps not work via USB/Paralel adpaters for example.

the Serial barcode reader/scanner may require a "real" serial port.

does this have a driver in the OS when you set it up?
or is it just a raw Serial like an old Modem ?
can you get a USB scanner from the same Mfg ??

new PC's are not having serial ports so I would work on moving to USB .... in the end I think it's worth it.

9pin and 25pin Serial is just about gone.
and really USB is a 4 wire serial buss anyway...

The scanner has a 6pin male and female connector. It did not come with a driver. I just borrowed it from my school for my thesis. They do not have a USB scanner sad to say.

So it is safe to say that the problem is with my converter? Should I try to look for other converters? Or it is just a waste of time? I read that some barcodes work when using converters.