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View Thread: USB cannot read barcode scanner
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    jellylychee wrote:
    figuerres wrote:

    some devices just do not work via the USB converters.

    I have seen paralel printers for Point of Sale apps not work via USB/Paralel adpaters for example.

    the Serial barcode reader/scanner may require a "real" serial port.

    does this have a driver in the OS when you set it up?
    or is it just a raw Serial like an old Modem ?
    can you get a USB scanner from the same Mfg ??

    new PC's are not having serial ports so I would work on moving to USB .... in the end I think it's worth it.

    9pin and 25pin Serial is just about gone.
    and really USB is a 4 wire serial buss anyway...

    The scanner has a 6pin male and female connector. It did not come with a driver. I just borrowed it from my school for my thesis. They do not have a USB scanner sad to say.

    So it is safe to say that the problem is with my converter? Should I try to look for other converters? Or it is just a waste of time? I read that some barcodes work when using converters.

    probably not gonna work is my guess.

    but let's make sure you have the right things...

    you say it has a 6 pin connector?

    do you mean a round one like a PS/2 Keyboard ??

    are you sure it's not a PS/2 keyboard wedge type??
    they are common and are not a "Serial Port"

    or perhaps a Mac Serial Port device?
    some Mac's used to have a round Serial port thing.

    PC Serial ports are shaped kind of like a "D" and have 9 pins not six.

    depending on the hardware a serial port can use 2 wires,3 wires 4 wires most of the time they use 4 pins for "full duplex"
    2 or 3 for a "Simplex" connection.
    they may also cross some lines to make them "Always Ready"
    some of the old Serial wires were named:

    Clear to Send
    Ready to Send
    Data Set Ready

    they did the "Handshaking" so that one side did not just "dump" on theother when it was not ready.

    and then you had

    and Ground

    but most of the time they only used 3 wires for small stuff like a scaner.