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View Thread: USB cannot read barcode scanner
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    jellylychee wrote:
    Matthew van Eerde wrote:
    Why not get a USB barcode scanner?

    Getting a new USB barcode scanner is my last resort. It is kinda expensive. I am still a student so.. Sad But if there is no other way, I have no choice.

    what do you need to scan?

    can you get access to a cheap all-in-one printer that can scan a page?

    you *might* be able to scan from the page and hack soem code to read the bars, if it's a std. barcode they are not that hard to work out.

    I do not know of any free libraries to read them but if you only need to read one format you can read the spec's on line for that format.

    if it's school project you could try looking up the company that made that scanner and ask them for a new one... they just might go for it.

    can't hurt to ask.