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View Thread: USB cannot read barcode scanner
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    jellylychee wrote:
    RichardRudek wrote:
    You'll also need to explain what you mean by doesn't work. eg  it seems to be getting no power, etc

    I've re-quoted my earlier question.

    jellylychee wrote:
    Hi. I am sorry I got everyone mixed up.  It has a ps/2 connector. It is working fine when I connect it to the ps/2 port of my desktop. It can read the barcodes and send the data to the desktop. However when I use a ps/2 usb adapter converter (my laptop doesnt have a ps/2 port), my computer does not recognize the barcode scanner anymore. The adapter converter is working fine when I tried to connect other devices like a mouse.

    Anymore ?

    Does that mean the barcode scanner used to work on the laptop, but then stopped for some reason ?

    If so, then [read through this post] (or even the thread), and see whether it sue to bad Device manager entries. Specifically what we're looking for will be any HIDs (Human Interface Devices).

    Also, have you tried plugging in the desktop's keyboard along with the barcode scanner, like you would (I assume) with your dekstop ?