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Questions on Monad

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    I have signed up for the Monad beta and have been playing with it for about a week.  There are a few problems that i have not been able to solve, based on the demo video released here.  Jeffery Snover runs the command:

    gps |out-excel

    This outputs the process listing directly into an excel spreadsheet.  the "out-excel" command is not native however.  I made an alias to excel (tested to work too), but when i run that above command, nothing gets ported out to excel!?  How do i fix this?


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    Steve, that's a question you should post on the Monad newsgroup (can be found via the betaplace website  after you've signed in).

    And there is a Monad wiki available as well, which is being maintained by some individuals who have had experience with Monad.

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    Sven Groot

    out-excel is one of the demo cmdlets in the %Program Files%\Windows command shell preview\Demo directory.

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    Not to give a late answer or anything Wink, but (since I missed it the first time I had this problem) you'll need to add the demo directory to your MSH environment path.

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    I think you must be on a different (older) beta version -

    The version I downloaded a few weeks ago only has a "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Command Shell" folder with a "\en" sub-folder, and does not include the "out-excel" cmdlet


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    Doesn't it just create a temporary comma-separated-values file (*.csv) and launch it?

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    Sven Groot

    tomhall wrote:

    I think you must be on a different (older) beta version -

    Considering those posts are almost a year old, I'd say yes. Smiley

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    The demo Jeffrey used was based on much earlier code. MSH Beta 1 does not support this feature. A later version of MSH is planned for release shortly (i.e. PDC) and it's not there yet.

    You should get onto the beta and take a look at the beta newsgroup. I've put up some details on Monad at There's also a sample scripts page at

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