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Unknown C# Keyword 'global' with C syntax. What the @#$!

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    I really like the work Visual Studio saves you from having to do, especially when implementing from an interface; gives you the option to populate your class with the members necessary to implement the interface. Today I ran into something I haven't seen before.

    object Deliverable
       get { throw new global :: System.NotImplementedException(); }

    I searched the msdn, specifically the C# Language reference but didn't see any keyword for global. Can someone explain to me what the get accessor is actually throwing. Also, I've only seen the double colons '::' in c code and didn't realize that was available in C#, however I have no idea what the hell it does.

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    I don't know who invented this keyword, but global:: returns the Global Namespace root. Try to type it in Visual Studio. Intellisense will show you all classes that aren't in a namespace and all Root-Namespaces, such as System., Microsoft. etc.

    Probably it comes from VC++ - but I don't know it exactly.

    Ps. Throws NotImplementedException in the System-namespace Wink

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    throw new global :: System.NotImplementedException();
    --> global probably is created by 3rd party

    --> Using :: should be in C++ right?

    (correct me if i am wrong)

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    The global keyword and the :: accessor are new features of the new C# 2.0 language which will be released with .NET Framework 2.0 and Visual Studio 2005.

    Don't try to compile C# 2.0 code with a C# 1.0 compiler (from Visual Studio .NET 2002 or 2003).

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    I think it is time for me to learn C# 2.0 features. Thanks for the tips SorinD Smiley

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