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Cairo - What did I miss?

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    So I've heard this thing called "Cairo" mentioned a lot in Longhorn blogs and in other forward-facing Microsoft-related info. What exactly was Cairo? All I can find with a Google search amounts to little more than people saying "omg vaporware lol".

    I've heard:

    - object oriented file-system
    - was originally slated to be NT 4, then 2000, then XP, and now Longhorn
    - advanced UI

    That's all I can find. I'm posting this in Techoff because I want technical details - what is Cairo from a tech perspective? What sort of scenarios did it enable? What happened to it?

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    The magical Cairo. Legend has it that it is the Microsoft product that will change ...the way people think about computing!!! Whatever. It's just a codename placeholder.

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    Deactivated User

    Comment removed at user's request.

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    Tom Servo

    WinFS is present time Cairo.

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    Shmuelpro wrote:

    The "back to square one" section of that document is a little worrying.

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