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VS 2005 client/application settings.

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    I'm wondering if theres any place where I can learn how to use the new settings functionality in VS 2005 (or maybe someone could show me here).

    I can go to Project Properties and choose the Settings Tab, here I can add all my settings. I can later on bind them to different controls on my form but they do not seem to get saved. Right now if I bind a setting with the value "One" to a textbox, start the application and write "Two" in the textbox, then click on Okey which does Settings.Value.Save(); and closes the form, when I look at the setting it's still "One".

    I want to know how to change the settings at runtime and save them.

    Thanks in advance!

    Martin Lundberg
    Student, Sweden

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    I'm back, I see that it does not seem to be many people that have played around with this here yet but here is the answer:

    I had my settings application scoped and then they are read-only. When I set them to user scoped they worked great.

    But I'm wondering, is there a way of making the application scoped ones read/write?  I tried to edit the settings class myself and adding a set {} to the property but it does not get saved.

    thanks in advance!

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