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View Thread: Vector Grapphics in Longhorn w/ profile & real time info
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    I had a post before that queried a how a vector desktop in Longhorn would work and how it might affect icons, I like to customise my desktop and would look forward to macromedia like sharp and easy to manipulate icons on my desktop, possibly animated.

    Members replied stating that there would be issues regarding the quality of the icons, effects like greyscale and anti-alias and blending are easy and smooth with static icons but hard with vectors, and the light source would be an issue.

    After watching the Avalon video, it seems to me that a light source would be achievable to implement and would work well. Which got me thinking, how can vectors make things happen that can’t today, so I though that the light source could be tied to your MSN profile. I’ll explain.

    The MSN website can be customised to show the days weather, if the desktop light source hooked up to this location information as well as local time then it could do some amazing things with the light source.

    Consider your icons casting a shadow from the sunrise position of the light source at 9:30AM, then consider a red sky at night and the light source turns slightly pink at 8:30PM, thus giving a pink tint to the icons. Imagine the icons effect with a sunset, and all this with local and real-time info.

    What about a light mist around the icons on the desktop if it were misty Scotland (where I live), or an aqua feel - because we have floods at the moment.

    That would be a good incentive for people to fill in at least one MSN profile field, and would show what the info can do for you.