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View Thread: How to speed up WinXP instalation
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    rudvard wrote:
    Did you mean Norton GHOST or something else?


    Norton have recently brought PowerQuest and integrated DriveImage into Ghost.  This has lead to a few changes, not all for the better IMO, but there are now several versions you can use.


    Ghost 9, this has to be installed into the OS and will snapshot any drive the current OS can see to anything, be that DVD-R or a USB harddisk.


    Ghost 9 Recovery, this is a bootable CD that runs on top of WinPE (the pre-installation environment) and will allow you to recover a local disk from DVD/Network/USB with mininal effort


    Ghost 8.5 and lower is DOS based and requires to you to provide a DOS boot disk with any required network drivers, this is a lot more work than the WinPE route, but it does allow you to create images, which is handy as you can create an image from a machine which is not yet runable.



    Another question is why do you need to reinstall quite so much?  Is there another solution that would be better for you, if you need a fresh install for testing have you looked a vmWare or VirtualPC?