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    I'm sure you guys are right, but I started out developing compilers and libraries. You really didn't know a thing about the deployment enviornment and your users we're cutting edge programmers so it didn't matter.

    There are so many facets to computer software that folks forget all the time. Beyond IT and basic coding skills, there are simulations, graphics, PC application development, small embedded systems (like cell phones), large embedded systems (like phone switches and routers), game consoles, system software, numerical analysis and scientific programming, medical systems, robotics-realtime stuff, etc., etc.

    It's easy (particularly living where I do) to forget about the whole range of software out there. I heard a stat that in 1996 the most popular microprocessor in the world (by units) was the Hitachi SH-2. Extra lemonade if anyone can guess why that would be? (and no, I can't vouch for the veracity, it's something a marketing guy told me).