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    Here at TAI I am not only the lead software developer but depending on the need any of us ( Read usually me ) is also a wires and pliers kind of guy. Long before I got into software I was a hardware kind of guy. My biggest mistake and most memorable hack came on the same day when I was building the prototype of a new design for a piece of data monitoring equipment. We had only the components for a single wire wrap prototype. I was carefully wiring up each of the 64 pins of this large IC socket that was to house the main PLA component. Having just finished the last pin I discovered that the diagram was showing the top VIEW and not the bottom view of the board. I had wired everything backwards and mirrored. DOH!.

    We were running out of time so rather than undo all my handywork I carefully took the PLA chip and bent all pins up 180 degrees so the were pointing up rather than down as is usual. I then inserted the chip upside down and backwards into the socket. The thing worked like a charm. I told management that this was to hide the identity of the chip from the folks observing the demonstration. Stupid mistake on my part for sure but I came out of it with colors. That was like 20 years ago and I still remember the deep feelings of dred and highs of elation all in a 5 minute span of time. THose kinds of things just dont seem to happen in the software business all that much. The Deep dred lasts far to long and there are very few elative highs to offset them.