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View Thread: What, the only technical stuff has to be programming related?
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    LazyCoder wrote:
    I'm fascinated by programmers who DON'T have a lot of IT knowledge. Every job I've worked on I've had to be 1/2 programmer, 1/2 systems guy, and 1/2 DBA. (see my point? Wink ). I'd LOVE to only have to worry about programming, but it seems I'm always having to teach IT guys about backup strategies and getting the server configured correctly. We haven't done a security audit of our applications yet, but I can already tell they have holes in them and it's not all the codes fault. I wish there were more IT pros in the world, specifically where I work, so I wouldn't always have to dink with the systems.

    Plus I have to be the "IT Pro" at home too. bleh. I miss my C-64.

    My point being, I hope that IT issues get discussed here too. It's one more source I'll have for keeping up with current trends.

    Ditto all of that!