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    Natty Gur


    first of all I'll be happy to talk with you. you can reach me via my e-mail, if you want.

    I'm not frustrated or confused by all of those technologies. I think I know them well and when and where to use them. But that not the point. The point is that before I have that chance to build system architecture and then design I need to convince my customer to use all of those solutions. As you know we are not alone in the enterprise software fields, so we need to compete other vendors suggestions. 

    now you can turn it as much as you want but customers wants application server and they want it as ONE solution that they need to take care of (not to mention other vendor solution that we are missing). They don't want to hear about operating system being application server. enterprises software are building for years of use and they need to be maintain over different OS (even if they are just MS OS). they feel more secure with AS that need to be change by certain vendor to run their (unchanged) code, rather to be responsible to migrate their code to new OS. they want that all of their code if writing for ASP.NET or BizTalk or exchange will run by the same AS providing container that let them use AOP to ask for service or add their own.

    I cant talk about indigo since it isn't here already and I don't (and probably you) got any production experience with it. anyway 2 years is a lot of time ... and I don't see indigo answering all our concerns so ...