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    Custard555 wrote:

    not sure if i want to use Exeutil.exe, looks hard to use (not really good at exchange) and also I don't have 110% free H.D.D Space :-< ! is there an easier way, maybe a program in is nice and easy to use? (any Microsoft people wanna make one just for me ???????)

    The internal fragmentation of the edb file has nothing to do with the fragmentation of your disk.  The edb are like a mini file system of their own, but fragmentation of the edb will not be included in the report you listed above.  When you run an offline defrag on an edb, it will basically create a new edb file and copy the records from the old to the new, hence the free space requirements.


    If you are really worried about the fragmentation (remember that the edb is random access anyway so the disk head is going to be jumping all over the place anyway) all the tools I have used need to be run repeatedly, it's not like the old dos days when a single defrag would nicely stack up all the files on your harddisk.  In my experience at least 4 or 5 passes have been needed to get a good result and the more disk space you have free the better, temporally get as many files as you can off the machine as you can.


    Have a look at something like this will allow you to set the defrag on a continuous loop, leave it for a couple of nights and it will sort your disk out for you, then change the schedule to once a night and make it part of your routine maintenance.


    Of course the ultimate defrag is to back up all the files from the disk format it and then restore the files, just remember to use a proper backup program that will preserve you file permissions!