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    Matthew van Eerde said:
    blowdart said:
    Maybe I'm confused.
    There are wireless access points, which act as layer-2 extenders of a wired network to the air. These need, and have, only a single wired interface, which plugs into the router. They route layer-3 stuff like DHCP packets and returns.
    There are also wireless routers, which frequently have five wired network interfaces - one on the "public" side, and four on the "private" side - as well as a wireless interface. The "public" wired interface plugs into the upstream router, and the "private" network computers can either plug in to the "private" network interfaces or connect via the air.
    Harlequin seems to imply that his Linksys thingy has at least two wired network interfaces, which to me implies that it is likely not an access point.
    Though, to throw a little extra into the mix, you can also get wireless routers which can be configured to act as dumb access points, in which case the sockets normally on the "private" side of the network act like a hub. They're far less common that plain old routers though.