Harlequin said:
Matthew van Eerde said:
Perfect drawing, exactly what it is.

Problem is that "Boy 2"(as example) has Vista Home Basic on his laptop and he can't see shares on "Harlequin"(Vista Home Premium). "Boy 1" has XP Pro. Computer upstairs(XP Pro) can't see the share on Harlequin. I have music share and want to share with others, but only my wife really has access to my share. Probably "Other computer" as well, but haven't tried.

Was easier before with XP since you could just put in //IP/sharename, but I guess you can't do IP shares like that with Vista.

Figured if all the computers came out of the same place, they'd see each other better. Especially with Vista.
Ok.. I think you might not configured file sharing properly on those computers... Temporary disable all the firewalls on computers (windows firewall, antivirus firewall, etc) until you have resolved this issue. You should be able to ping that Harlequin's IP from other computers, then take a look on these artilces to help you...

Enabling Simple File Sharing in Windows Vista

Password Protected File Sharing in Windows Vista

Why I Can’t See XP computers in Windows Vista Network Map

Hope helps..