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    Harlequin said:
    picohat said:
    Yeah, think I've done most of those things on the boys Vista laptop, still can't see other computers. And yeah, the wireless isn't really a router for anything, just to spew out wireless; upstairs computer is just attached to it via network cable because I didn't want to run another cable up there, I'm probably going to bring the wireless downstairs anyways too hook up to the router(it already is upstairs) so the upstairs computer can use that plus and be into the router directly.

    Would the Netgear product not make things cleaner and easier? Since all computers(each has it's own static IP) will be hooked up to it, and have the same parent. Would it not be less of a hassle for them to see each other, for those not 100% network-saavy? Smiley
    Depends, but probably.

    Working off the diagram posted by Matthew, the (unnamed) Router (which is central to all of this) has five wired 'local' connections. However, most domestic Routers that I'm familiar with only have four locals, plus a WAN - a fifth network port, sure. But it is not the same as a local port.

    So I'm confused. Perhaps you should tell us what this Router is.

    Also, I assume that your home network also provides a shared Internet connection. When you mention a Router, this is a natural conclusion, but is it correct ?