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View Thread: BSOD on starting up Apache in XAMPP
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    Alright, so today I decided to try to use .htpasswd to lock my small server (mainly as a test,) so when I went into XAMPP to start up Apache, BSOD.  So upon restarting, I removed the code in .htaccess and removed the .htpasswd file, started XAMPP, then started Apache... and then again, another blue screen.  So all that I could do was just uninstall XAMPP, and right now I am unsure about even using Apache on my system anymore. 

    My computer is Windows Vista Home Premium, service pack 1, and I have installed all updates through Windows Update.  Could it be that an update to Windows Vista may have caused this to happen?  It has been a couple of days since I've last started up XAMPP.