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    lenn wrote:
    I have three items that go just about everywhere with me.  This is after years and years of trying everything that hits the market.

    1.) Sony VAIO TR1AP Laptop. Ultralight, good battery, best screen on the market, built in CDRW/DVD

    2.) HTC Himalaya/O2 XDA II/T Mobile XDA II Pocket PC Phone Edition. Great screen, camera, GPRS, the works. My laptop lite

    3.) My iPod.  Nuff said, it works great.

    How is that laptop, I'm in the market for yet again another laptop, I use them fairly aggressively and up to my 5th notepad in the past 3 years. Right now it's a DELL LATITUDE x300. I don't care much for on board ROM drives , just a small , fast laptop with lots of memory.

    Suggestions ?