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    I'm trying to establish a simple VPN set-up (with Windows Server 2003's Routing and Remote Access role), I'll worry about other stuff and tightening it up (like moving to IPSec) after I get this working first.

    I added the RRAS role to the server, and configured the network firewall/router so all VPN connections pass through OK, I then enabled RRAS access on a test user account in ADUC.

    Right now I'm on a computer unrelated (and untrusted) from the domain the RRAS server is in, additionally the RRAS's domain is unrelated to the Internet's DNS (it's "foobar.local").

    I can create the VPN connection fine and also connect when I enter the credentials of that test user account, but when I do connect everything breaks on my side (bad, very bad). To be more precise, DNS fails and browsing the VPN network fails, I can only connect via Windows Explorer if I type in the IP address of the remote host in UNC format, using the NetBIOS hostname doesn't work. Everything is really slow as well (even though latency is only ~40ms). I can't even resolve "server.foobar.local", so something is seriously wrong.

    At the remote site, the RRAS server (which is also a DC) has the IP address, but my local machine also happens to have the address; but when I connect via the VPN connection it's addressed by and my computer is, so that sounds fine, but still... DNS is completely broken, I cannot resolve for example, even though the RRAS server can (by virtue of being a DC it has a built-in DNS server). Its like it cuts off my own LAN as well.

    Are there any settings I might have overlooked?

    I've tried setting the priority of connections under Network Connections > Advanced > Advanced Settings > Adapters and Bindings to different orders, but to no avail.

    Any tips?