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View Thread: Community Coding Contest to start July 1 - Chance to Win MSDN Premium!
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    blowdart said:
    Errr you'll find the MVP MSDN giveaways are region locked; i.e. mine are only fufillable in Europe, and LatinAm don't get them at all. You need to be very very clear about that.
    Sven is still a student, no? He should still be able to get msdnaa for free.

    At my job I get pretty frustrated. I have to work with VS2005 and my Office version doesn't validate online. I asked about their msdn subscription but they claim MS suddenly lost all their account details and don't even know the company anymore. I've asked and asked about the status of the subscription and now they are telling me they are trying to become a gold partner and then they would get a free msdn subscription but "don't hold your breath, it could take 2 years"

    Sigh, bla.