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    jh71283 said:
    jh71283 said:

    Or am I interpreting this incorrectly?

    Please see attached Page - I want to set all options to OFF, and character Font A.

    Seeing as this site is so bloody INFURIATING to use, the image is located at

    Have you tried following Microsoft's documentation instead of the printer's ?

    eg [PosPrinterClass]

    Print Mode - Characteristics that are remembered until explicitly changed.




    Font font selection


    Selects a new font for the following data. Values for the character ‘#’ are as follows:

    0 = Default font.1 = Select first font from the FontTypefaceList property.2 = Select second font from the FontTypefaceList property.And so on.

    I think you'll find that the # (above) will be the the string form of number. ie "0" -> chr(30). Though I expect that below the covers, the class will follow the ESC/POS documentation, as you posted.