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View Thread: IE 7 AppCompat VHD... Expired?
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    My XP IE 7 AppCompat VHD died yesterday, which surprised me. After all, I only installed a new one a couple weeks ago. So, I went to download it again today. Sure enough, it's also already expired.

    The strange thing is that the download page states "This VPC image will expire in January, 2009." I really have no desire to run Vista in Vista, under virtualization, just to be able to test in IE 7. I'd rather just test in IE 6 and IE8's "Compatibility Mode" than deal with the performance hit. (My CPU has a hard enough time running XP in virtualization, sometimes! This particular system only has an Experience Index of 2.5... Wink ) After all, if stuff looks fine in IE 6, IE 8 (normal/standards), and IE 8 rendering "as" IE 7, it probably will look fine in the real IE 7.

    Anyone else experiencing an expired VM? Or is it just me, being quite unlucky?