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Need New Proxy... Recommendations?

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    Jeremy W

    We're looking to get a proxy appliance, and looking for some recommendations so we can make an educated RFT.

    Basically we've got ISA now, but we're looking to move to something more appliance based both for stability and manageability.

    We had a Cisco Appliance in as a tester, but they asked for it back early, so we're looking to hear about what other folk are using and what is working well.

    As context, we're a multi-platform company (mainly NT and VMS), we're one of the larger hospitals in North America (2,000 beds, 10,000 staff, 5,000 PC's). We're likely looking at at least 1, maybe even 2 load balanced appliances. Price range would probably be 10-20K for one, and up to 50K for a load balanced solution.

    I think, for now, something in the 15K range would be ideal, but something that can be expanded to a 2-tier load balanced solution would be good.

    At this point we don't require much beyond direct-proxy funtionality, though at that price range I'd expect directory integration and authentication at a minimum, but we don't need it.

    Thanks Smiley

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    know nothing about the devices you mention, but was wondering what your take was on ISA 2000 (it could be gathered from your message that it's not stable or reliable) and if you've tried the beta of ISA 2004..

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