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View Thread: TcpClient - Test for Disconnected?
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    cheong said:
    phreaks said:
    Even if you have control on the other end, if the connection is broken, do you have another way to signal the other end to do what you want?

    Even if you want the other end to send back packet to interval, that's just another form of "timeout"...

    Now consider those busy servers that receive thousands/millions of connection a per minute, can the network stand this additional workload of "bookkeeping"?

    IMHO, "Request on demend" is a more appropiate way of doing this...
    Nah, I am getting data all the time, lapse of perhaps 5-6 seconds max during slow periods, otherwise I am constantly receiveing data.

    I don't think it's benificial to keep opening / closing sockets in this scenario.