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VSeWSS --> Visual Studio 10 SharePoint functionality

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    This looks like an interesting evolution of VSeWSS, though it appeared the only part that would perhaps require VS 2010 is the Server Explorer additional capability to handle SharePoint hierarchies. 


    1. Is MOSS 2007/WSS3.0 supported, as well as SharePoint vNext?
    2. Will VSeWSS for 2005 and 2008 be updated to support similar functionaliy (where possible)?
    3. Will VS 2010 support Workstation-based development, working against a MOSS/WSS server, rather than keep the VPC tax?
    4. Will there be a CustomFieldType template?
    5. Will there be a ContentType template?
    6. Wil there be a SiteColumn template?
    7. How about a wizard for configuring FBA?

    Also (for anyone not already aware) note that much of the demonstrated functionaliy is also currently available courtesy of Carsten Keutmann's excellent SharePointManager and WSPBuilder.

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