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    wkempf said:
    Minh said:
    Because "automatic" serialization:

    1.  May not be what a consumer intends.
    2.  May actually lead to deadlock.

    I believe that was the route WPF was originally taking, and they abandoned it.

    Edit: Looked it up, and I'm wrong.  Avalon originally used an entirely different concept: the UIContext.  This wasn't much different from the way things work today (which is the way they work in practically all UI libraries), it was just much more abstracted with a "Monitor" type of interface.
    I think it's entirely based on performance. Perhaps the Win32 limitation impose a too heavy a performance penalty on automatic synch... but how is Silverlight able to do it?

    Deadlock is only a possibility when you try to take out locks while already holding locks, right? It's too bad that even until now (for the exception of Silverlight), we still don't have a good solution for this problem.