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    DarrenP said:
    PerfectPhase said:
    I'm just curious to get some reviews of their service really, I'll go download the SDK but have you been impressed so far?
    DarrenP you should sign up for the beta and download the SDK to playaround with. This includes some tutorials that take you through the functionality. 

    Excuse the blatent promotion but I wrote a short summary of Azure. This also has links to the PDC presentations which you should watch if interested:

    Chris Hay wrote a good post and presentation overview as well:

    The best way to learn about it is to walk hrough their examples on the SDK download. The web ui is still a bit clunky but it is early days.

    In the SDK there is an chat program example that talks via a message broker called the Service bus. Their is no noticable lag and on the whole I am quite impressed by Azure.

    I havent used the Amazon or Google offering so not sure how it compares to these.