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    stevo_ said:
    ulas said:
    We'll it can't do that (translate everything), but they do have a pattern for letting you describe a proceedure to use for a given method.

    It would be nice if the model was more 'stood off' I feel, meta data is great - but when you don't even control the source, its just as useless..

    Even still the design is imperfect but thats the way the ecosystem is for this software..
    Ah, thanks for the link. I am pretty happy with the expressiveness of Linq in terms of simplifying a lot of mundane tasks one tends to do in code. It is just a bit of a downer to get everything compiling happily and then hit a runtime exception when the expression is evaluated. I realize, in a way, this is similar to trying to dividing one variable with another which may happen to be zero which would throw you a runtime exception but I just feel like checking which functions you use in the linq expression at compile time wouldn't be as difficult.