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Fire a command from remote pc!

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    Hi there,

    I had a question.

    Just say I had 2 PCs.

    PC A:
    a window service called RemoteFireService is running behind. When PC A receive the command (example, "dir") from PC B, it will fire this command "dir" to PC B.

    PC B:
    a window service called RemoteGetCommandService is running behind. This service will get this current PC commands and call a web service (return a string) back to PC A.

    Okay, should i be using WMI to do this or Win32 API?

    I am using C#.NET, and I need some guidance. I know how to do web services and calling wmi remotely.

    Do i need to create my own telnet?


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    Open a listening socket.. opening a active socket.. connect A to B, send command.. receive, interpret. etc

    I think your over-complicating it. There is no need to dabble in the Win32 API for THIS project as that is all handled for you by .NET. And no, you don't need to make a new 'telnet', just handle strings well and don't forget about 13 + 10.

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    If you're learning to develop .NET Remoting applications, I seriously reccommend getting hold of Ingo Rammer's excellent "Advanced .NET Remoting" book, in either the VB.NET or C# flavour.

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    Thanks for the recommendation. I heard of Ingo Rammer from other friends.

    I can open a listening sockets in a window service? You sure?

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    Yes. I'm sure. Windows services are the same as any standard windows executable except with a few added event handlers etc.

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