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Easiest way to install Win2008 as guest OS in Hyper-V

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    I have a new dedicated server.  I'd like to run a copy of Win2008 on a VM within Hyper-V.  Since you're already running Windows 2008, is there any quick and easy way to install the OS to the VM?  I was hoping that a typical install of Windows 2008 included an ISO or something that you could use to install Win2008 on VMs.

    Thanks in advance for any pointers.

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    I don't understand... You got the Win2008 installation media right? Microsoft doesn't stop you from burning that intto ISO file... you can even install the VM from the disc directly. Just point your VPC/Virtual Server to mount the physical drive.

    You can even download the pre-installed Win2008 evaluation image VHD if your VM is only for software evaluation (60 days plus 3 chances of re-arm, so max. 240 days). So just download it and mount it if you want it this way.

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