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Windows Photo Gallery

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    I just installed Windows Photo Gallery and I ran into an annoying problem. When I double-click to open my photos in the viewer they are displayed under an ugly, transparent, yellow layer. I found a solution in a forum to fix it. (You have to change the color profile of the screen.) Anybody knows if it's a bug or a feature... or why it's included at all?

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    Sven Groot

    It's a feature. The monitor colour profile tells Windows how images should be adjusted to look natural and Photo Gallery is obeying that. Computer monitors have a tendency to be far too blue, but because you're used to that the proper colours will look yellow by comparison. Hold a blank piece of paper next to a white area on your screen, and you'll notice the paper looks yellow by comparison, even though they're both supposed to be white.

    That said, I don't much like it either; if the colour is to be corrected, it should be done globally. Because it's not, and only done to the images, they look out of place like you noted.

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    Thanks! Smiley It sounds great.

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