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View Thread: WPF + WindowsFormsHost + .Net Forms + ( COM interfaces + Forms Invoke ) = E_NOINTERFACE Exception
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    figuerres said:
    pompomJuice said:
    there are more than a few differences between CE and desktop windows OS stuff so I would really look to see if that code can be found or if a native win32 version of the dll can be found.

    you might (depends on the rest of the code in it) find other problems if it was written for CE and never tested on a desktop before.

    Hope it goes well and that I am just adding a caution note.

    WIth .Net CF 1.xx we always say "Net CF is just a thin wapper around SystemNotImplimentedExeption"  NetCF 3.5 is WAY better than 1.x

    I hear ya.

    See my boss don't care about that. Microsoft says it can be done, I get payed big bucks, so I must get it done. There is no please explain to boss man that things are always more complicated than a sticker on a box that says WPF hosts Forms apllications.

    Interestingly the app contains very little WindowsCE spesific parts. It seems that it was mostly developed as a WinForms app in .Net 2.0, deployed to a CF. Worked kinda well.

    To reiterate, I have the Winforms project that compiles and deployes to windows CE device. I have tested this on my phone and it worked. The code ported fairly easy to my WPF app, compiling whise. Runtime though I get HUGE issues. I thought .NET C# code was just intended so that if it compiles it will run on different platforms. But I know it is never that easy.

    LOL @ SystemNotImplimentedExeption. Luckaly for me the app was developed for CE thus porting it up to Full framework is much easier than the other way around which would basically be a SystemNotImplimentedExeption wrapper.