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View Thread: WPF + WindowsFormsHost + .Net Forms + ( COM interfaces + Forms Invoke ) = E_NOINTERFACE Exception
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    Dexter said:
    pompomJuice said:
    So if I understand correctly this code from the Invoke method:

    double d = MapObject.Instance.MapView.RotationAngle; //This line throws the exception but only if the method was called inside the Invoke below.  Look for MapView's explenation below.
       if (m_bDisposed)

    involves the COM object somehow but it is executed on a different thread than the main thread (where I assume the COM object was created)?

    Then that's a possible cause of your problems. Accesing STA COM objects from a different thread involves marshaling/proxying. If that cannot be done for the requested interface the error manifests as if there was no interface at all.

    Try moving that code in the "else" block of your Instance_MapLoaded method and see if it works.



    The COM object was indeed created in that thread, which was actually a worker thread. That explains why I could access that interface before the invoke, but not after. I say this because MapObject.Instance was created outside of that worker thread, which would indicate that its contained COM interfaces were also created outside of the worker thread. But not in this case, that interface was created in the worker thread as you predicted!


    What is interesting is that I just went to test what happens on a Windows CE device, as the code runs there. I set up the same test and debugging the app while running in CE seems to have no problem with accessing COM objects between threads. So there I think we can learn something, that sometimes things are not so portable as you think when working with COM. The original implementer never got hit with the problem of marshalling between threads, so he clearly just fired away. 


    I might be able to fix this instance, but I get a sneaky suspicion the entire program is going to be riddled with this issue. I am not looking forward to this.

     You mention STA Com objects, can I instantiate them in a way that they are not single thread apartment objects? Which would mean I assume I can access them from multiple "apartments"? I am guessing here, I lack theory.



    PS- I will probably check out marshalling/proxy you mentioned, but I have never done that before so. We never get a break in this world of computers ;'(