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View Thread: WPF + WindowsFormsHost + .Net Forms + ( COM interfaces + Forms Invoke ) = E_NOINTERFACE Exception
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    dotnetisv said:
    pompomJuice said:
    Hi guys, 

    for the record please accept my appology for rudely interupting to ask a pretty basic question the answer to which (of course)  may reveal my ignorance.

    If you are porting to WPF, as Dexter mentioned, mostly this kind of thing is handled by the CLR, why have you not optioned to just use COM Interop and WRAP your unmanaged code in a managed class? I may be wrong, however I think this might give you the added isolation you require.

    Interested in your replies.

    Actually, we are already doing this.

    As I loosly mentioned before, there are two ways to "use" legacy COM interfaces in .Net. This article describes them best, with PRO's and CON's.

    I edited my post above yours, explaining the solution to my original problem.