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IE8 and logins

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    So if tabs are now run in seperate Processes.  How come I still can't have seperate logins on different tabs?
    My C9 liveid is different from other liveIDs, so I need to have seperate logins going on different tabs.  It would be a must better UX for me anyway.

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    Even though the tabs run on different processes, they use the same cookies.  The only way I *think* you could get away with it is by not using the "Remember me on this computer" option.

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    Because this would make it really bizzare to handle things like popup windows that happen in context of the parent. The processes share the same storage and browser settings, the only reason the split processes exist is to partition execution so that any execution faults will only take that one tab out.

    It's still possible that the core process of ie can die and the entire thing dies, but it also seems to be able to recover from this probably based on recording what it is doing, and recording that 'application shutdown' was sucessful.

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