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Mailing labels in SQL reporting

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    First of all, why is it I can never print Avery Labels well in a Microsoft product?
    Well, that's a side question.

    I'm trying to set up a SQL report for Avery Labels (#5960) and having trouble doing so.

    First thing I did was create a report that would get the data I wanted. Done.

    Then I created textboxes linked to the data fields I wanted and removed the default data table. I set the Layout to fit the sheet. (3 columns, spacing of .125 in (1/8 inch), Top/Bottom margin of .5in, Left/Right of .125in)

    My 2 issues:
    When I print a test, (the report gets exported to PDF) the horizontal (Left/Right/Width) spacing is fine. The height is wrong. The first column data is 1 line lower then the last 2 columns. The first column data is also 7/8 inches from the top. There are 13 rows, where there should only be 10.

    Next, how can I create a ASP.Net page that sends a PDF file directly to the user so they do not have to export it? (For instance, the user clicks a button called 'Report' and then gets the 'Download File' dialog for a PDF file.)

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    i do not recall where but google for a template for mailing lables, there are some good ones that help get the settings right for this.

    printing, you can write a server side .net class that prints a report and prints it to a printer so i guess you can also save it or send it to the user.

    look at the report server samples they show a basic one that gets all the pages and had the plumbing for it.

    back in sql 2000 I did this for an office, i am sure I can recall most of what I did but it's been 9 years.

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    Funny you ask.  I put a pretty good post together here on sql reports and using a Dymo.!F4A38E96E598161E!1570.entry
    Not exactly what you asked for, but should be able to use some ideas.
    I strongly recommend getting a ~$100 Dymo for labels.  Fast, cheap, no toner, labels don't jam in a fuser, and prints just the exact number of labels you need (also nice sorted left to right) without all those extra sheets with 8 labels left on them.  Much easier then using laser labels IMHO and easier to rip and stick in a production fashion.

    @dotnetisv: I will code for food and Jameson Whiskey  Smiley

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    So, I got the labels to line up.

    Now I just need the button to return a file to download.

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