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View Thread: Why can't MS create a new browser based on .Net?
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    BitFlipper said:
    AndyC said:

    I hardly call a lack of memory leaks and corrupted memory "a small class of bugs". While I develop .Net apps these days, some of my co-workers spend huge amounts of time tracking down obscure memory corruption bugs in their C++ code. And from my days of developing C++ apps in the past, this is also what I remember wasting endless time on.

    And lets not foget how FF struggles with plugins causing all sorts of memory leaks and instability.

    A "small class of bugs"? Hardly.

    It protects against buffer overrun type attacks (mostly), but it's certainly possible to leak memory in a .NET app (even though a memory leak isn't necessarily a security issue) even if it more difficult than with unmanaged code. And there are plenty of other attack vectors which .NET by itself can't protect you from.