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Online Community Interview!!

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    Hi Everyone!


    My name is Morgan Talasnik and I am currently interning at an advertising agency.  This summer I am doing a research project into what people like about online communities such as [INSERT COMMUNITY NAME], and I was wondering if anyone had some free time to talk. The conversation would only take about 20 minutes via phone and is extremely easy!


    If you’re interested in participating please email me at and we can schedule something.


    Thanks for your help!


    Morgan Talasnik

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    This is an online community?

     For 10 years, I thought this was a dating site!  Figures...

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    Curt Nichols

    I like online communities such as [INSERT COMMUNITY NAME] because of the [INSERT ADJECTIVE] [INSERT NOUN], not to mention the great [INSERT NOUN] from [INSERT NOUN] like [INSERT PROPER NAME].



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