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HELP! Link to make Windows Mobile 2003 wireless less sucky

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       I am non-techie but am well versed enough with Windows and Palm help most of my friends and collagues.

    But when it comes to Pocket PC I am like a fish in mud.

    I just switched to iPaq 4150 with all the wireless connectivity options money can buy.  And I just found out that all the Bluetooth/WiFi/Infrared cannot save me from Activesync.  Wifi connectivity comes and goes with a mind of its own, Bluetooth just plan never work properly, I cannot even get infrared sync to work.

    Can someone point me to friendly links that shows step by steps instructions such as:

    - Activesync with Bluetooth
    - Activesync with WiFi
    - Using PC as wifi or Bluetooth gateway for Pocket PC to accessing Internet
    - Accessing Windows XP PC from Pocket PC, wireless or USB


    Bottomline, where can I find links that makes the pain of networking with Windows Mobile go away?

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    Unfortunately your pain points are very real and not easily solved without some 3rd party software. ActiveSync over Bluetooth is not supported by Pocket PC natively. Some OEMs have hacked in support for this and there is an app out there called Pocket Bluetooth I think that will work around it as well if HP did not support it. ActiveSync over Wifi is possible one of two ways 1.) enable Network sync in the ActiveSync preferences panel, you must be on the same network and your PC must be on for it to work 2.) Sync using Exchange ActiveSync directly with the server if you have access to it. Using a PC as a gateway is possible if you are connected via ActiveSync through desktop passthrough, but you must be connected to the PC directly via cable not BT modem profile for PCs.

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    Terminal services for pocket PC can be found here ( I am guessing that's what you mean by accessing windows XP)

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    Cerunan wrote:
    Terminal services for pocket PC can be found here

    No they can't: I got 404'd.

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