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View Thread: possibly useful app i made that displays all .net colours elegantly
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    So I'm finally ready to showcase one of my apps, and its been almost a year since i stopped making any pet apps... and surprisingly this app is over 1.5 years old!!

    There always comes a time when you're coding and you suddenly need to know what one of the .net colours you're going to use looks like, especially with those whimsical names. So I made this up......tell me what you guys think?? Thmbsup


    • The colours tumble correctly no matter what the form size is.
    • Clicking on the boxes highlights them and copies the hex code onto clipboard.


    • Sizing the form to show either one or only two coloumns of colours ends up with the scrollbar not scrolling all the way, which is a really wierd bug btw!


    Download it here :


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